Metal coating

Metal coatings provide a wide range of properties owing to the varied offer of chemical composition of accessory materials - soft or hard materials, anti-corrosion properties, sliding materials, etc. We use materials based on iron, nickel, cobalt, molybdenum, copper and special materials. Individual types of accessory materials have wide application, depending on your requirements on the quality of the coating.

In primary production, metal coating is used in chemical industry or printing: coatings resistant to corrosion and oxidation at low and high temperatures, wear resistant coatings (to friction, abrasion, erosion, cavitation, slide bearings - friction pairs, piston rods, sealing surfaces).

Renovations of transmissions, hydraulic components and piston rods, on bearing surfaces, gears, etc.

We apply the thermal spraying of metal coatings by:

  • flame,
  • arc,
  • plasma,
  • high-velocity oxy-fuel coating.

In addition to metal coating we also offer metal-ceramic, ceramic and remelted coatings.

Cermet coating

Cermet coating provides high hardness, good toughness and excellent resistance to wear by different types of low and high temperatures (friction, abrasion, erosion and cavitation). They also have excellent sliding properties and very good corrosion resistance (depending on the chemical composition of the metal matrix).

Applications of ceramic and metal coatings are often combined, especially in primary production. Cermet coatings, in terms of wear resistance, are significantly better (stronger) - especially coatings produced by high-velocity oxy-fuel coating.

With repairs and renovations, these coatings are deployed only in extreme working conditions and provided the economic point of view is not the most important criterion. The main requirements include performance, durability and reliability - particularly where standard construction materials do not suffice. Frequent use in heavy industry and mining, chemical industry, etc.

We apply metal-ceramic thermal spray coatings by:

  • plasma,
  • high-velocity oxy-fuel coating.

In addition to metal-ceramic coatings we also offer metal, ceramic and remelted coatings.

Ceramic coating

Ceramic coatings are characterized by high hardness and excellent resistance to various types of mechanical wear (friction, abrasion, erosion, etc.) at both low and high temperatures. Also sought after for excellent sliding properties in combination with various metal and non-metal materials (also opposite to each other in a sliding pair) and resistance to corrosion and oxidation at high and low temperatures.

Ceramic coatings have a completely unique position in many applications. Thanks to their extraordinary life (increase in the range up to hundreds of percent compared to conventional materials) they are primarily used on surfaces of pump plunger valves, fittings, gaskets and seals, hydraulic components, friction bearings, etc.

We apply thermal spraying of ceramic coatings by:

  • plasma,
  • flame (with a stick as the default form of the accessory material).

In addition to ceramic coatings, we also offer metal, metal-ceramic and remelted coatings.

Remelted coating

After applying a metal coating (typically nickel-based) by flame thermal spraying with a thickness of 1-3 mm, we remelt the coating. We heat the entire component to 1,000 to 1,100 °C. The coating is melted and a diffusion joint is formed (metallurgical bonding between the coating and the base material). The resulting coatings are resistant to dynamic line and point load and their application is very broad. Key applications are in most engineering sectors, in primary production, repair and renovation.

Remelted coatings are used in unique applications - especially in heavy duty operations such as foundries and smelters, in paper industry, etc.

In addition remelted coatings we also offer metal, metal-ceramicceramic coatings.