Product Overview

Choose from our high-quality thermal spraying technology products

For customers across industry sectors we have prepared a wide range of metal, metal-ceramic, ceramic and remelted coatings with excellent resistance against conventional and combined mechanical stress (wear, erosion, abrasion), corrosion and oxidation at low and high temperatures, erosion effects of gases and liquids, cavitation, high temperatures or sparks.

Owing to our proven technological processes, prepared and optimized according to the latest trends, our coatings provide unique characteristics in a comprehensive range of services:

  • Excellent tribological properties (low friction coefficient, excellent wear resistance).
  • High hardness - especially ceramic and metal-ceramic coatings.
  • High hardness combined with toughness in composite coatings.
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation at low and high temperatures.
  • Resistance to erosion by liquid and gaseous substances and to cavitation.
  • Guaranteed required electrical properties.
  • Sealing and packing capabilities for abrasive coatings.
  • Combination of several of the above properties through the use of metal-ceramic and ceramic filler materials.
  • High durability, quality and design, tailor-made to your needs.

Check out what services we offer to manufacturers, operators and servicing organizations with our product.

Services overview

Rely on trustworthy services by leading players in the industry

With over twenty years of experience, our team of experts offers:

  • Comprehensive surface treatment using various methods of thermal spraying technology, tailored to your needs.
  • Fast and friendly approach in assessing and solving technical assignments.
  • Working closely with your engineers and technologists to find the best solution.
  • Development of reliable and complete accompanying documentation - from drawing to technological process - for modifications or repairs of components.
  • Coating of new components, repairs and renovations - at our or your location.
  • Highly professional consulting and technical supervision of coating processes.
  • Total repair, reconstruction and renovation of hydraulic systems, including control systems, with subsequent commissioning and delivery of gaskets and other assembly components.
  • Overhaul of linear hydraulic motors with thermal spraying technology and delivery of new gaskets.

We specialize in modern surface treatment using all basic methods of thermal spraying technology: flame spraying, electric arc and plasma spraying and high velocity oxy-fuel coating.

Component parameters for coating in our shop:

  • Maximum length:                                               5 000 mm
  • Maximum diameter:                                           1 250 mm
  • Maximum weight:                                               8 000 kg
  • Machining by turning (diameter/length):          400/2 000 mm
  • Machining by grinding (diameter/length):         320/1 500 mm

Our services for manufacturers, operators and servicing organizations are complemented in practice with proven products with unique characteristics.

For manufacturers

Improve quality and reliability

Do you develop and produce new parts, machinery and equipment? Dou you need to extend their service life, improve reliability and enhance performance parameters? Do you want to amend and expand your offer? Rely on our products and services, tailor-made for design engineers and technologists. Use our background in research and development, including rapid and complete access to results of applied research. Safety and protection of your intellectual property is our shared interest.

We are offering advanced technologies and top quality of surface finish. Do not hesitate to contact us with request that, if dealt with properly, may significantly boost your development and production.

For operators

Improve reliability and durability of your parts, add new features

Do you want reduce your operation and maintenance costs? Are you looking for a way to save money on purchasing of expensive spare parts? Reduce these expenditures due to the unique properties of our coatings created by thermal spraying technologies.

Send us your requests and we will design the optimal technical solution. We are offering advanced technologies and top quality of surface finish.

For servicing

Get ahead of the competition through better servicing

Thanks to our products and services, you can:

  • Expand the range of your services to customers.
  • Repair faster.
  • Add new renovation methods - and thus significantly increase the reliability of repaired parts, machinery and equipment.

Our tip: Repairs of hydraulic mechanisms

Thermalmetal provides comprehensive hydraulic mechanism repairs, such as parts of hydraulic presses. This specialized repair includes overhaul of piston rods (thermal spraying with NiCrBSi material, working to the original size and roughness), supply of sealing elements manufactured to installation dimensions, preparation of drawings for modification of guide bushes using guide strips. We also offer modifications to these bronze bushes, installation of the guide strips and sealing elements, production and assembly of the hydraulic power unit associated with the testing, adjustment and putting into operation on the spot.

Our comprehensive range of services is accompanied by products of unique properties. Do not hesitate to contact us to consult where and how it may help in your servicing.