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With the quality of the surface, backed up by a team of experienced professionals

THERMALMETAL was founded in 1995. From the very beginning it has focused on the key area of metal, metal-ceramic, ceramic and remelted coating technologies of thermal spraying. Thanks to this, we have a wide technological and professional background and experience from countless projects - from general to nuclear energy.

High quality and stable team of 15 people with long experience in the field provides, under the traditional brand THERMALMETAL, comprehensive services for all engineering applications using thermal spraying technology - from primary production to repair and restoration of parts. Proven structure of the organization and individual activities guarantees active and responsive approach and operational performance of contracts to our customers, including urgent emergency situations.

Always there – from Brno and Ostrava

Soon after the successful start-up, we decided to build our own factory and in the spring of 2002 we moved our headquarters to the new premises at Tovární ulice 1 in Brno-Chrlice. Administrative offices and manufacturing areas are equipped with latest technological devices guaranteeing the highest quality of services and products.

In order to provide a better response to offers from the heart of the major industrial region of northern Moravia, we established a branch at Štramberská ulice in Ostrava in 2005. It gave us closer contact with customers in the region, increased efficiency and improved overall level of cooperation.

We support your innovations

In 2012, we expanded our activities in research and development. We received a number of grants - in the area of ​​science and research under the international EUREKA program. Under the new project we work with development, technology and design departments of our partners and are constantly introducing new technical and design solutions.

We actively participate in innovative assignments with the aim of their fastest possible implementation in practice. We are in contact with foreign companies developing new devices for thermal spraying, with developers and manufacturers with accessory materials, companies that, like us, create coatings tailor made to customer requirements. We use market research to regularly upgrade our process equipment and we add new accessory materials to our assortment.

THERMALMETAL´s priority is to be the most reliable business partner with exceptional care for the needs of the customer and a leading provider of full service while guaranteeing high quality of its products. If you want to know what is happening in the field of surface treatment using thermal spraying technology, contact us for further details.


Our certifications

THERMALMETAL uses quality management system certified according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009. Quality management is understood in a broad sense as a means to ensure a high quality of service and maximum customer satisfaction.

In 1999, we received a permission to perform renovation, domestic production cooperations and repairs of dedicated technical equipment of nuclear power plants with VVER 440/1000 type reactors using thermal spraying methods. This permission is currently also recognized by legislation in the Slovak Republic.

Within the EU standards, oversight of implementation of all activities involving the application of coating technologies created by thermal spraying are provided by Ing. Jan Filipenský, who successfully completed the course for European thermally sprayed coating specialists (ETSS) in 2001, organized in Czech Republic by the Czech Welding Society together with ANB, and he was awarded the ETSS certificate. At present, all of our employees hold the required ETSS, ETS certificate.

If your project requires specific certifications, please contact us for details.


Join us

There are currently no job openings for positions in the company. In case of a vacancy in our team, information will be provided here.