Services overview

Rely on trustworthy services by leading players in the industry

With over twenty years of experience, our team of experts offers:

  • Comprehensive surface treatment using various methods of thermal spraying technology, tailored to your needs.
  • Fast and friendly approach in assessing and solving technical assignments.
  • Working closely with your engineers and technologists to find the best solution.
  • Development of reliable and complete accompanying documentation - from drawing to technological process - for modifications or repairs of components.
  • Coating of new components, repairs and renovations - at our or your location.
  • Highly professional consulting and technical supervision of coating processes.
  • Total repair, reconstruction and renovation of hydraulic systems, including control systems, with subsequent commissioning and delivery of gaskets and other assembly components.
  • Overhaul of linear hydraulic motors with thermal spraying technology and delivery of new gaskets.

We specialize in modern surface treatment using all basic methods of thermal spraying technology: flame spraying, electric arc and plasma spraying and high velocity oxy-fuel coating.

Component parameters for coating in our shop:

  • Maximum length:                                               5 000 mm
  • Maximum diameter:                                           1 250 mm
  • Maximum weight:                                               8 000 kg
  • Machining by turning (diameter/length):          400/2 000 mm
  • Machining by grinding (diameter/length):         320/1 500 mm

Our services for manufacturers, operators and servicing organizations are complemented in practice with proven products with unique characteristics.