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Thanks to our products and services, you can:

  • Expand the range of your services to customers.
  • Repair faster.
  • Add new renovation methods - and thus significantly increase the reliability of repaired parts, machinery and equipment.

Our tip: Repairs of hydraulic mechanisms

Thermalmetal provides comprehensive hydraulic mechanism repairs, such as parts of hydraulic presses. This specialized repair includes overhaul of piston rods (thermal spraying with NiCrBSi material, working to the original size and roughness), supply of sealing elements manufactured to installation dimensions, preparation of drawings for modification of guide bushes using guide strips. We also offer modifications to these bronze bushes, installation of the guide strips and sealing elements, production and assembly of the hydraulic power unit associated with the testing, adjustment and putting into operation on the spot.

Our comprehensive range of services is accompanied by products of unique properties. Do not hesitate to contact us to consult where and how it may help in your servicing.