Cermet coating

Cermet coating provides high hardness, good toughness and excellent resistance to wear by different types of low and high temperatures (friction, abrasion, erosion and cavitation). They also have excellent sliding properties and very good corrosion resistance (depending on the chemical composition of the metal matrix).

Applications of ceramic and metal coatings are often combined, especially in primary production. Cermet coatings, in terms of wear resistance, are significantly better (stronger) - especially coatings produced by high-velocity oxy-fuel coating.

With repairs and renovations, these coatings are deployed only in extreme working conditions and provided the economic point of view is not the most important criterion. The main requirements include performance, durability and reliability - particularly where standard construction materials do not suffice. Frequent use in heavy industry and mining, chemical industry, etc.

We apply metal-ceramic thermal spray coatings by:

  • plasma,
  • high-velocity oxy-fuel coating.

In addition to metal-ceramic coatings we also offer metal, ceramic and remelted coatings.